Moving a pixel
This is an internet representation of a video-installation, to be seen on a 4K, 2K, HD, 720p and PAL screen next to each other.






We were asked to make a film to show the beauty of 4K, the new digital golden standard with 4 times more pixels then HD.
We wanted to make the inversion of the Sony Bravia commercials, that tried to show all the pixels of their new HD camera's, years ago, by throwing rubber balls from a hill in San francisco.
We thought: if this 4K resolution is so fantastic it should also be able to film just one pixel!

We created five films in which one physical golden pixel becomes exactly one digital pixel on screen. The screens come in five different sizes: 4K, 2K, HD, 720p and SD.

In collaboration with students from the Sandberg Institute.

Client: Sandberg
D.O.P. : Ram van Meel
Sandberg students: Aliki van der Kruis, Netta Bacon, Guy Königstein, Diego Tonus & Alonso Vazquez
Camera assistant: Gemma Probs
Camera rental: Cam-a-lot / Philippe
Gripper: Onne Perdijk
Light: Marcel Brugman
Light assistant: Alex Berger
Carpenter set Egbert Steenwinkel
Pixel design Marije Buffing
Coordinator Sandberg: Sophie Leferink