How To Explain It To My Parents, 50'
A series of films by Lernert & Sander

Documentary serie in which 5 abstract artists explain to their mom and dad what their work is all about. Above episode 1 with fantastic artist Arno Coenen.

Participating artists:
Arno Coenen, Harm van den Dorpel, Martijn Hendriks,
Bart Julius Peters & Martin de Waal.

Commissioned by Limboland
Camera: Pim Hawinkels
Sound: Frenk van der Sterre
Studio: Umsjatka, Amsterdam
Special thanks to, Wendela Scheltema.
Generously funded by Filmfund, The Netherlands.


'...a remarkable and hilarious series.'

'Either proving, or disproving the adage >you can never go home again<, Dutch artists and directors Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug documented 9 artist as they attemp to explain their often abstract art to their parents. Set in a starkly limbo grey environment furnished with just enough to indicate rather then replicate a comfortable home, it is the relationships rather than the art, which are brought into colour focus. The results are at once touching and humorous: the parents lovingly indulgent of their offspring, or struggling to comprehend their artistic efforts - or both.'

Distinctively Dutch Film Festival, Pittsbrugh (US)
Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Gdansk, Torun, Poznan, Kraków (PL)

Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria (CA)
Dutch Film Week, Femina Institute for Culture and Citizenship, Rio de Janeiro (BR)
International Short Film Festival Winterthur (CH)
OK.Video Festival, Jakarta (ID)
Transmediale, Berlin (DE)

I+CAS Sounds, Centro de las Artes de Sevilla, Monasterio de San Clemente (ES)
Fundada Artists Film Festival, Square Chapel, Halifax (UK)
Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, Puchon (KR)
International Film Festival Breda, Breda (NL) - nomination Bird Award
International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL) - nomination Tiger Short Award
Nederlands Film Festival Utrecht (NL)
REC festival, Tarragona (ES)
Cairo Video Festival, Goethe Institute, Cairo (EG)
Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival EXPIFF, Bucharest (RO)
Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival, Kassel (D)
Impakt Festival, Utrecht (NL)