The work of Lernert Engelberts (1977) straddles film, installation, events, and print. With little regard for existing borders between contemporary art and commercial projects, Lernert present a highly esthetic and humorous challenge to existing assumptions about media forms. Their work has featured at international festivals in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Oberhausen.

He made Driving Miss Palmen, a Dutch soap set in India. He was editor/writer for RE-magazine, and a regular contributor or BUTT-magazine. He wrote a drama series with Arjan Ederveen which he also directed and collaborated with director Michiel van Erp in 2006 for the documentary Warm Stories. Lernert also finishing his first highly critically acclaimed book of short stories Real Bad People. He wrote for the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant about art, was curator for Lost&Found, and is advisor for the Filmfund at research and development.